Started out in 2010, Contact Front began as a blog for tactical gear and weapons in use by the Belgian military. In addition to offering our views and information, we started searching for the latest trends in the tactical industry. Because the high amount of feedback on our blog we decided to start our own company to offer training courses and high end quality tactical equipment.       

Contact Front leverages active military & law enforcement professionals that are qualified in different fields of expertise which include Marksmanship, CQB, Low light tactics, Boarding, Tactical Medicine, Executive protection and others. Our team continues to push for the next evolution in this field.   We work as 1 team, 1 family base in order to have a continuity in our company.       

We know from our experience and from feedback from others what is needed to meet our customer’s needs. We know it’s importance of having the right tools for the jobs coupled with knowledge and skills needed to operate them. We have the ability to provide both in one place.